Office interior Design is a growing demand in this era. Requiring foreign engineers to be equipped, we must first understand and master the design process to meet customer needs as well as to promote their level. So what’s the role of that process? What are the steps? Let’s find out!

The role of office interior design

The process of office interior design is a matter of extremely important and essential role. Find out and master its sequence to set which one first, after to get a standard design project, beautiful and meet customer needs. For design companies, every engineer must master the process of interior design clearly. Without mastering will affect the company’s credibility in the public eye. The process will take place quite a few steps, learn the Haygoogle documentation then you can have the information not to be accurate, complete, the need is not without what is not needed. Here are some of the processes that you need to master in the process of office interior design.

Interior design of creative and modern office

Seven important process of interior design Office you must master

1. Find out the needs and ideas of customers

The first step you need to learn and master when the office interior design process, or other customer-related issues is to understand their needs and ideas to meet their needs.

The first is to find out the area in the area, the city with the company will have 1 experienced interior designers will come to meet you, for customers in the geographical location far, foreign province in many forms of Online exchange or consultant Through the phone to 2 working parties understand each other before going to the work agreement. This is the first stage of contact important for design professionals to understand the needs, ideas, hobbies… Customers want to design their office like: colors, materials, forms… From the customer information provided, design engineers have to advise more on the design style so that the customer understands and changes some of the ideas that customers see like but it is not combined. To create the perfect office interior.

2. Survey on the status of the Office

When the survey is present, the engineer will come to measure the status of the presence. Based on the actual updated size figures at the current status of the situation, we will calculate the study direction and send the quotation details of design and construction. The profile includes: 3D perspective drawings, technical detail drawings, equipment, materials and forecasts for you to understand the cooperation decision, signing with us.

3. 3D Perspective Design

After understanding the needs and survey of the ground for the design of office furniture, the two sides come to sign the contract, from the information, customer needs, the design will be on the preliminary design including : Draw on the ground, accompanied by a hint of documentary imagery that suggests a simple visualization. We will outline the design for you to view and give your opinion to the editing designers according to your needs. With the development of 3D perspective Design technology will help you get an overall look and visualize the interior space outside and inside from different perspectives. The interior design in 3D perspective is a trend now in companies that apply to meet the needs of customers.

4. Establishment and cost of interior construction

After the office interior design is outlined 3D and the two sides signed interior design profiles. The company will set the cost of the design to the finished interior construction that you pay. In relation to the problem of money funding, it must calculate the two sides are the most reasonable.

5. Plan for implementing office furniture

During the construction process there may be some bugs that are not as satisfied as you. Parties you can follow and contribute comments to meet office furniture as you expect.

6. Warranty of Works

Depending on the level, the size of the construction, the warranty period varies and for the office furniture, the warranty period is between 12-24 months from the time of completion. Warranty always exists in all matters, to create peace of mind for customers in the process of use.

7. Testing and handover

The final office interior design process is the test and handover to the customer

After the work is complete, the two parties are seated to conduct a collection of the volume and quantity and quality of the product. Transfer the work to the customer and receive the remaining funding number.

Above are seven office interior design processes are always in every construction in every company. However, in every company there will be some other processes but still ensure that there are 7 processes on them.

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