The company office I.F. D GROUP is not merely a workplace but it is also part of nature….

The green space Office design today is no longer an unfamiliar trend. Because this space design not only has a positive effect on the spirit but also the desire to live in harmony with the celestial nature of our people. The company office I.F. D Group is also designed and built in this style.

First in terms of position, the main side of the I.F. D Group is oriented towards the sun. This means that every office light will be wake up with the warm and golden sun. A little motivation for the day’s dynamic and filled with vitality. In addition, to ensure the harmonization and balance, the office is planted with more types of vines. The green climbing rope is flowing down, looking from as far as a blue curtain, covering the office surface. This blue curtain can be beautify and cooling for the whole office.

Inside the office, the reception area, meeting room layout of high-end wood furniture combined with potted flowers.

The staircase up and down has a green-filled atrium, which provides natural wind for the whole office.

The room space is preferred to use wood furniture to create a serious feeling in combination with natural light sources. The office space has just showed the movement while creating the comfort of employees.

The most distinctive is still the rose Garden terrace. The garden grows a lot of different roses, all year round with brilliant flowers. The terrace is the most suitable place to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a book, which is the most relaxing space favored by the office of the company I.F. D Group.

Applying green space in office design is not only beautiful in the aesthetics but it also supports a lot in increasing the performance of all employees of the company I.F. D Group. In contrast, although the size of the company I.F. D Group has expanded, the layout of green space certainly will always be the top priority.

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