1. Choice of coffee design style

As for coffee Trading, choosing the right design style is becoming increasingly important. Because it is one of the leading factors that make a difference as well as an effective tool that promotes business operations, which serves well the needs of customers in coffee shops. The question of “How to choose the right Coffee style” has become the question of interested investors.

Researching big coffee brands that are working successfully in Vietnam market such as Starbucks, Trung Nguyen or Highlands Coffee, we can relatively identify the 2 most prominent elements that impact the process of designing styles: The investor’s customers and the aesthetic.

1.1 How do customers impact the selection of Coffee design styles?

Before proceeding with the design style of the coffee, the investor needs to circle the subject of the customer that he will be directed to, including:

  • Determine their age
  • Their earnings. How much are they willing to spend to a coffee shop
  • Their need to go to the coffee (exchange work, enjoy coffee, chat, study,…)
  • Personality, interests and trends customers interested

Illustrator: If your customer is aged 18 – 25, the median income. Their needs are relaxing, chatting, learning or working. This group often enjoys the dynamic, convenient, beautiful viewing angles, modern and large communication space. From the aforementioned elements, the coffee design pursues a youthful style with bright colors. The furniture design needs to be comfortable for a period from 3h – 4h, there are music, there are angles to photograph… With this requirement you have many styles of coffee design to choose from such as modern, garden, minimalist or library.

Comebuy milk tea shop is illustrating the interference between modern design and garden terrace. Use bright color tone and focus on the young customer group.

The high-altitude Comebuy milk tea shop is spacious and airy, creating a comfortable feeling for the young.

1.2 The aesthetic of the investor influences the style of the coffee design.

The second factor influences the investor in deciding on the style of coffee shop design. The unique mark brings the difference of each brand from which to shape the decision of the customer when choosing the coffee serves each of their own needs.

The owner’s aesthetic is represented through such methods as:

  • Logo Design
  • Paintings or pictures are arranged in the bar.
  • Items exhibited such as antique watches, stamp collections, books,…
  • The mainstream tone of the bar is dung for decoration.
  • Directional spaces bring a sense of: high level, intermediate or normal.

While this is a factor influencing the decision to design a coffee shop to make a difference with other brands that are present in the market, the investor’s aesthetic will need to be reconcable with other factors. From there the investor and consultant – design will come to unity in the decision to choose the appropriate coffee design style.

Personal Aesthetic of the owner can be exposed through the selection of items such as spoon, Cup, cup combined with the color of the table.

Personal Aesthetic of the owner is also reflected through decorative widgets.

The trend of designing coffee shops 2020, adopting a monotonous design style into the coffee space becomes obsolete and no longer suitable. Mixing diverse styles in design will help the coffee space have a wide range of perspectives and experiences that are attractive to customers. Besides, the coffee design can change the space by arranging tables and chairs, changing the separation position, or adding a few paintings to the space,… Thereby creating the visual change of customers and not be boring compared with the design style of single coffee shop.

How does the investor and Design unit can find the general voice in choosing the design style.

The design unit is always the one who will be accompanied by the investor in finding the right style of cafe design. At I.F.D Group We have detailed, supportive and useful consulting procedures with the investor in choosing the best design style:




I.F.D GROUP will communicate directly with the investor to acknowledge the necessary information such as customer, aesthetic and other requirements.


I.F.D GROUP will draft the original ideas based on the information and requirements of the investor and propose the design style


The I.F.D GROUP will design the front-facing, detailed, viewing angles in 3D design for customers to evaluate and adjust.


I.F.D GROUP synthesize all detailed design with rooms, front, inside, and 3D viewing angles,… The investor will check and review before the construction


I.F.D GROUP conducts a survey of the estate, on the method and conducts construction. Finally customers check and test the works.

The investor currently needs to advise implementation of works that can contact us according to information:


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