2. Space layout, light, color in the space of coffee shop

2.1 Space Layout

When conducting space arrangement, arrange tables and chairs to prioritize creating a reasonable operation. Points to note in the operation of coffee shops include:

  • Between staff and the service area: Arrange ventilated walkways to get order and to transport drinks from the brewing (kitchen area) is easy, fast.
  • Between staff and customers: Arrange a reasonable space to ensure the comfort of the customer experience with the direction of the employee’s movement in order to not cause collision and make the most of the space of the shop.
  • Between customers and space: Decorate the space to express the exquisite aesthetic, distinct to help customers feel specific when using the service and create a unique impression helps shape the habit of choosing a favorite destination. Refer to coffee shop design ideas for your own good suggestions.

Legend Coffee – I.F.D Group’s design is spacious and airy, easy for the movement of both customers, employees.

2.2 Colors

The color for the design is not only the choice of the mainstream tone, but also the personality of the investor wanting to convey into the works. Colors can bring a youthful, nostalgic or modern direction… The mission of the design Unit is the harmony between the requirements to create the design of the coffee in its own style, efficiency and distinct differences.

There are now coffee shops, such as brown or black, to respect the elegance and bold of coffee when designed to attract the group of customers who love to enjoy coffee. Meanwhile, with milk tea shops, the mainstream colors will be brighter like white, pastel pink, blue to create dynamic and modern to the audience.

Legend Coffee – I.F.D Group designs using warm brown tone are also reminiscent of Highland coffee beans and luxurious and classy spaces

2.3 Light

Lighting is an extremely important factor in determining the aesthetics of a coffee space as well as a customer’s emotions. For coffee shops, warm yellow light (2800k – 3400k – 4000k) is preferred. As the gold light shines on the drink, the food creates a reflection that makes the guest feel more drinkable, more sparkling and attractive. So in large coffee chains, we easily find the investor will arrange the warm golden light of the spotlight (light focus) on the drink, dish to increase the sensory effect.

In addition, the light also has another function that is support for the management. While the client area enjoying coffee using yellow light, the kitchen is used to use white light. The goal is to ensure sufficient lighting for employees to work as well as food hygiene and safety in the processing of beverages and dishes.

The layout of bright yellow light as a drink, the dish becomes more sparkling and attractive with the design of Ember coffee – I.F. D Group

3. Selection of table and size

3.1 Number of tables and chairs

The choice of number of tables and chairs at the coffee also needs to have specific calculations based on the Rate of turnover (calculated at the break-even point) and Customer service area.

To determine the number of tables and chairs in the coffee so that reasonable investors and design consultants also need to pay attention to the turnover factor, the break-even, the food model and the drink will serve to the optimum approach.

For example, if the Coffee customer service area falls at about 300 m2, if you arrange the amount of 200 table chairs with a size of 500 x 500 mm will not be reasonable. Because there is no guarantee of operational requirements and the customer experience. You will have another option to reduce the number of tables and chairs to 100 – 150, or adjust the table size.

The number of tables and chairs at the design of Phan Ton Coffee has been implemented by I.F.D Group based on the space area and the requirements of the customer turnover.

3.3 Dimensions and material of tables and chairs

Currently on the market there are many materials that the owner can choose for furniture in the design of cafes such as wood, iron, fabric, leather,… Depending on the style and operating direction to choose the appropriate material.

For example, fabric chairs are often used with luxury customers in high-class cafes. Features of this seat are 3 layers: outer fabric, plastic layer and cushioning in the same. The outer fabric has a beautiful surface with many luxurious motifs. The plastic layer with good waterproofing, easy to clean and hygienic during the course of the master when having trouble pouring drinks or falling dishes to the chair. Finally, the inner cushion layer makes the product durable and not torn when the washing is dry and replaced. Therefore, their cost is very high, only those that have a large investment.

With the current table size in cafes that usually serve drinks or can be accompanied by snacks, the layout space on the table will not be much area. Usually the most common coffee table size is 500 x 500 mm. In addition, the choice of table size, the chair is dependent on the service model of the bar and the length of stay of guests at the restaurant (2 hours, 2 – 4 hours, 4 – 6 hours,…)

Usually the most popular coffee table size is 500 x 500 mm enough to showcase drinks and snacks

4. Reason investors choose I.F. D Group

During the 8 years working in the field of design and construction of the restaurant – Coffee (F&B), I.F.D Group is currently a name that many investors trust and send with big works such as Gogi Kichi , Aka House, Pizza Company, Chang Thai,…

  • With more than 250 customers and over 350 projects, I.F.D Group is confident about its accumulated experience, which can fully assist customers in selecting and implementing the design style that the investor wishes.
  • I.F.D Group always willing to put the investor together to take practical assay, consider the works we have done. The investor can feel the style and quality of the work by I.F.D Group on their own.
  • In the process of ideas, I.F.D Group is ready to listen, collect investor’s opinions and make contributions from experience practical implementation to perfection and give the most complete works.
  • The team I.F.D Group always take timely support when the investor needs to. With the factory scale of up to 7,000 m2 and more than 150 employees. We are confident in consulting and designing unique and distinct products.
  • Workflow I.F.D Group Professional, quickly according to ISO 9001 – 2015 standard.

In short, to succeed in investing a project, besides having a unique idea of finding reputable and experienced partners in the industry to develop and deploy is the foundation of success.






I.F.D GROUP will communicate directly with the investor to acknowledge the necessary information such as customer, aesthetic and other requirements.


I.F.D GROUP will draft the original ideas based on the information and requirements of the investor and propose the design style


The I.F.D GROUP will design the front-facing, detailed, viewing angles in 3D design for customers to evaluate and adjust.


I.F.D GROUP synthesize all detailed design with rooms, front, inside, and 3D viewing angles,… The investor will check and review before the construction


I.F.D GROUP conducts a survey of the estate, on the method and conducts construction. Finally customers check and test the works.

The investor currently needs to advise implementation of works that can contact us according to information:


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