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In the article special note in the design Space Coffee of I.F.D Group has previously mentioned the importance of combining personal aesthetic and business efficiency into the design of coffee space. But what is personal aesthetics and how to shape it explicitly to work with design units. Let’s take the I.F.D Group to learn the determination of the aesthetic.

1. Shape your personal aesthetic in a coffee design

Personal aesthetic, the word “personal” has already made a meaningful sense of character, no duplication of investor. However, not all investors can correctly use the technical language to fully perform their personal aesthetic. Therefore, the investor needs to go to a design unit supporting the formation and selection of personalized aesthetic suitable for coffee shop space. The more experienced design unit of the works will effectively support the owner in establishing and configuring the individual aesthetic aesthetics.

At I.F.D Group, the initial direct exchange is the basis for us to understand the interests, orientation and the specific requirements of each investor. From that architect can shape the design space, come up with ideas as well as selectively the reference image and finally the synthesis to discuss is the aesthetic of the aesthetics that the investor aims for. Through illustrations, the easy-to-visualize investor of his aesthetic will be reflected in the coffee space. From there the investor can adjust accordingly and make the final decision.

Moc Quan is the work of I.F.D Group to show that the aesthetic of the investor who wants to be in this location is the idyllic, rustic mixed with little mild and quiet.

Moc Quan Restaurant – I.F.D Group pursues a rustic style

Moc Quan Restaurant – I.F.D Group evokes nostalgia of the old space of the investor

2. From personal aesthetic to the expression in the design of the coffee.

With the coffee space, the owner can put his personal aesthetic in very different points from the dominant color of the bar until the selection of time to reappear, the picture system , through tables and chairs, separators, system bars, menu menus,….

Separation of individual aesthetics in particular focus

Classical elements are performed in arranging tables and chairs and decorating the wall

However, it should be noted that it is necessary to have the harmony between the investor and the designer in addition to the distinctive characteristics that should be consistent with the coffee shop’s functions. Avoid excessive adoption of personal aesthetics and suppression of other factors that make business less effective. The aesthetic makes a difference to the market but is predicted by customers that warmly receives the aim of the investor and the designer when implementing the idea into the coffee shop design.

3. Personal aesthetic Assessment criteria to the fact

With a personal aesthetic, there is no specific standard rating system. However, in order to evaluate the actual performance of the design the café can present the idea of the investor and the designer by rating the customer’s feel and business efficiency.

The sophisticated café space design will create a touch of customer’s mind about the image and space to create a sense of excitement. Being satisfied with your vision and emotions makes the habit of returning many times and becoming a close customer. These things are a testimony to the success of the coffee shop design.

Starbucks successfully creates a personal footprint in designing space and attracting efficient customers (photo collectibles)

4. Projects showing personal Gu in the design were I.F. D Group implemented

For more than 8 years operating in the field of design and construction of the restaurant – coffee shop, I.F. D Group has always been a partner with large investors of F&B chains believed to support them to express their personal area in each building.

Bean Coffee-Calmness and robustness

Legend Coffee-warm and luxury

La Fruta Coffee – youthful, dynamic

Phan Ton Coffee – the quiet many thoughts




I.F. D GROUP will communicate directly with the investor to acknowledge the necessary information such as customer, aesthetic and other requirements.



I.F. D GROUP will draft the original ideas based on the information and requirements of the investor and propose the design style



The I.F. D GROUP will design the front-facing, detailed, viewing angles in 3D design for customers to evaluate and adjust.



I.F. D GROUP synthesize all detailed design with rooms, front, inside, and 3D viewing angles,… The investor will check and review before the construction



I.F. D GROUP conducts a survey of the estate, on the method and conducts construction. Finally customers check and test the works.

In every step, I.F. D Group can understand the wishes as well as personal aesthetic of each investor and implement it in the most complete way.


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